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Materials Testing Systems

Elkem offers a full range of wire analysis services to ensure conformance to AMS, ASTM, MIL-SPEC and customer provided specifications.  All of the bare wire sourced by Elkem goes through a rigorous incoming inspection procedure in which all physical and chemical characteristics are tested and verified with supplier certifications.

We also offer testing services for materials that were supplied by third parties.  Below, please reference our equipment lineup.  Contact us for testing services pricing. 

Mechanical Test Report

Tensile Strength
Tensile Strain
Break Strength


Plating Thickness Report

Plating Thickness
Composition of Deposit

Visual Test Report

Adhesion Confirmation
Surface Analysis
Solder Test

FischerScope X-Ray XDLM Thickness & Composition Measuring System

Fischer USE
  •  X-Ray Fluorescence measuring instrument
  • Calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025
  • Accuracy of +/-5%
  • Calibration standards for base metals and plating finishes
  • Solution Analysis for chemistry certification

Instron Model 3344 Single-Column Testing System

Detail2 3345
  • 100:1 force range (load cell to 1.0% of capacity with no loss of accuracy)
  • 450 lbf capacity
  • Load accuracy of 0.5% of indicated load
  • Full software control
  • Automatic transducer recognition
  • Pneumatic side action grips for repeatability
  • Full CE compliance



Kocour 6000 - Coulometric Thickness Tester

  • Accuracy, 98% +
  • ASTM Specifications: B298 | B355 | B504
  • Evaluation of Inter-metallic Layers
  • Base material, shape, surface roughness, electrical or magnetic properties do not affect results. Measure anything from 0.002 mil (0,05 microns) to 2 mils (50 microns).
  • Speed: 30-60 Seconds per test.



4K Optical Inspection System

  • Macro Video Lens and 4K Camera/Video
  • Ability to capture images of raw materials and plating tests
  • Adhesion and solderability verification
  • Side-by-side comparison of materials


Elkem works closely with many materials testing laboratories.  If the testing requirements are outside the range of our capabilities, our pre-qualified laboratory partners can provide the specific testing procedures required by your specification.