The Most Precise of Finishing Tolerances

Industries Served


When failure is not an option, leading aerospace suppliers turn to Elkem to provide the application-critical materials required to ensure consistency and reliability over the life of their products.  Elkem has been an approved vendor to many of the world's largest aerospace and aeronautical suppliers for decades - A partnership that is held in the highest regard.  From onboard electronic devices to emergency evacuation systems, our customers rely on our consistent quality, as well as our integrity, to keep their systems running in accordance with Aerospace regulatory requirements.



Elkem works with leading automotive suppliers to develop new parts for existing vehicle models as well as retrofitting parts that were susceptible to premature fatigue/failure.  The automotive market continues to demand the highest standards of quality while requiring a competitive pricing structure.  As an approved supplier to many automotive part manufacturers, we have strong relationships with the companies that design and manufacture brake modules, electronic components, fly-by-wire systems and other critical components.


Elkem has established a strong partnership with many well-regarded medical wire and device manufacturers.  From endoscopy applications to pacemaker leads, we have provided the medical industry with strong research and development materials though full volume production solutions.  Our ability to process very small amounts of wire has allowed leading medical companies to more efficiently experiment with their research and development activities.



Similar to our aerospace applications, defense is an industry held in very high regard by our company.  Plated wire solutions have increased the productivity of many military and unmanned aircraft projects, reduced the weight of cables carried by ground troops and increased the accuracy of communications throughout the defense industry.  Elkem has been an approved supplier to many military applications and is often listed as the main supplier on the individual specifications and drawings.


As technology continues to expand, we continue to adapt.  Elkem has been providing gold, nickel and tin plated wire to the electronic industry since the very beginning.  From early computer disk drives to robotics and automated systems, we have worked as a strong research and development partner for many of today's biggest players in the consumer electronics world.  As this industry continues to become more competitive, we remain a strong supplier to many high-end audio and electronic manufacturers.


Renewable Energy

Remaining on the forefront of "green technology", Elkem is a leader in high-performance shaft grounding brush materials and stray current controllers.  As the renewable energy market continues to advance towards more efficient methods of energy generation and storage, we remain steadfast in our partnership with many up and coming renewable energy technologies.

RF / Cable

Offering the largest aspect ratios in the industry (250:1 and greater), elkem supplies silver plated copper, silver plated copper clad aluminum and silver plated copper clad steel conductor and flat wire to top cable manufacturers in aerospace, data communications and oil/gas markets.  Maintaining an inventory of custom sizes and able to engineer custom materials, our RF/Microwave cable materials set our customers apart from the their competitors.  Our unique silver plating process is always applied at finish size rather than redrawn to size.  This ensures a concentric deposit, completely eliminating the notorious "copper plague".


Spring & Wire Forming

We offer copper, nickel and silver plated wire to the spring/wire forming industry to increase the tool life of equipment, provide additional lubricity, increase electrical conductivity and provide great solderability and enhance corrosion resistance.  Silver plated beryllium copper, nickel plated stainless steel and tin plated music wire are a few of the materials we supply to the spring and wire forming industries.