The Most Precise of Finishing Tolerances


Elkem is an industry leading wire supplier of functional copper plating services to ASTM B734 and MIL-C-14550. Our fifty years of metallurgical expertise in providing precision plated wire is currently present in numerous industries including the medical, electronic, aerospace and defense industries.

Elkem offers a complete range of copper plating services including bright and matte deposits.  Elkem has the capability to apply an under-plate (flash) of nickel or copper prior to adhering the main plate deposit.

Copper Plating Services – Copper Deposit Properties

Copper plating offers improved electrical properties, improved corrosion resistance, acts as a barrier between the substrate and over-plate and works to improve adhesion of over-plate when nickel cannot be applied.  Copper plating also increases the success of brazing and is applied in many high-temperature applications.

Similar to nickel, copper also functions as a sacrificial lubricious coating when premature tool failure is a concern.  Abrasive substrates such as beryllium copper and stainless steel are coated with copper to increase the life of wire forming equipment.

After plating with copper, antioxidants and oils may be applied to prevent the oxidation of the copper when exposed to air.

Copper Plating Services

  • MIL-C-14550
  • ASTM B734
  • Most Company Specific Specifications
Underplates Provided:
  • Bright Electrolytic Nickel
  • Copper
  • Up to 99.0% Pure
Finish Type:
  • Bright
  • Matte
  • Surface antioxidants/oils available