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Gold Plating Services

Elkem is an industry leading wire supplier of functional gold plating services to ASTM B488 and MIL-G-45204. Our fifty years of metallurgical expertise in providing precision plated wire is currently present in numerous industries including the medical, electronic, aerospace and defense industries.

Elkem offers a complete range of gold plating services including Type I, II and III purity deposits in both cobalt-hardened and soft gold purities. Elkem has the capability to apply an under-plate (flash) of nickel, copper, or silver prior to adhering the main plate deposit.

Gold Plating Services – Gold Deposit Properties

Gold plating has excellent electrical conductivity, exceptional solderability and does not produce any surface oxide. Gold is a noble metal that does not chemically react under normal conditions. For this reason, gold plating it is an excellent choice for numerous engineering requirements where electrical conductivity (particularly at low voltages), solderability and corrosion resistance are specification requirements.

Elkem offers gold plated wire in both 99.7% cobalt-hardened gold and 99.9% pure soft gold electrodeposits. Hard gold plated wire is commonly used in applications where excessive friction or material wear are a design concern.

Soft gold plated wire is often used where the highest of gold purity is mandatory for soldering, bonding, exposure to high temperature or high corrosion resistance. Wire plated with soft gold provides an extremely pure deposit, which maintains the low hardness and high corrosion resistance characteristics required in demanding applications. Soft gold plating is frequently used in high temperature applications due to the fact that gold does not oxidize.

The appearance of gold plating is very much a function of that of the bare wire. If the bare wire has a matte finish, the gold plating deposit will have more of a matte luster. If the bare wire has a bright finish, the gold plating will have a more lustrous appearance.

  • MIL-G-45204
  • ASTM B488
  • Customer Provided Specifications
Underplates Provided:
  • Electrolytic Nickel
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Soft Gold | 99.9% Pure
  • Cobalt-Hardened Gold | 99.7% Pure
Finish Type:
  • Hard (ASTM B488 | Mil-G-45204)
  • Soft (ASTM B488 | Mil-G-45204)